Teamwork quotes for team building

Teamwork Mottos: Short Slogans That Inspire

List of short inspirational mottoes and slogans about teamwork and working with a team.

“One spirit, One team, One win.”

Funny motto: “The name’s Bonding. Team Bonding.”

“One team, one goal”

“There is no I in “T E A M”

” T E A M: Bringing out the best in each other!”

“Many hands make wor.k easy.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

“T e a m w o r k makes everything easier”

“We believe in each other”

Funny short quote: “Teachers call it cheating, students call it team wor.k”.

“Every team needs a hero but every hero needs a team.”

“Whats gonna work? Team work!”

“T  E  A  M = Together Everyone Achieves More!”

“United we play. United we win.”

“Surrender the ME for the WE”

“A t e a m above all. Above all a t e a m.”

“Many hands make light work.”  John Heywood

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

“In union there is strength.”

“No one can whistle a symphony.”

“T.eam work: you always have others on your side. ”

Teachers call it ...

Motto for teamwork


United we play motto

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  1. Irem says:

    thank you for sharing your owifrloveng joyful wisdom!such sacred sparks of thoughts are blessings that ignite source joys.gratitude, divine radiant being of love and light!

  2. Charl says:

    I spupsoe that sounds and smells just about right.

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