Teamwork quotes for team building

What Is a Teamwork?

So what is a teamwork and why is it so important?
This is the ability to work together towards the same goal.
Team can achieve much more than each individual can. Although each individual is important too. It is when all individuals are working together by contributing towards their goal. Everybody understands that the goal is accomplished best by mutual support.

As many famous teamwork quotes say, it’s when all individuals have the same objective.

Teamwork definition

Team members collaborate their talent and skills to contribute to the success common objectives.

How group becomes a team 

The Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing model was proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.

1st step

FormingForming is the first step. This is when people are getting to know each other, yet are not interacting very closely yet. This is when individuals are just trying to understand their goals, tasks and what everybody else in the team is doing. Towards the end of this stage people are still more individually oriented.


2nd step 

StormingThe second step called Storming. It is similar to “Brain Storming”. This is when members are deciding about the leadership model they except, divide each others tasks and getting complete understanding of what others are doing. During this stage the leader is chosen.


3rd step 

Norming Norming is when everybody have clear vision of goal they work towards to. If anybody had disagreement with other at that point they have to give it up in order to work productively in a team. Norming is when team is actually working towards common goal.



4th step

PerformingPerforming is the brightest time in any team’s cycle. This is when problems being solved fast and without conflicts and when the work is done smoothly and without much of a supervising.


Moving from one stage to another is a normal process. Team can go from Performing to Norming and back. And if new members are entering the team, it can go back to Storming. All this is not bad, but actually good for as they help to keep new ideas coming and to avoid stagnation. Norming and Performing is a productive parts of teamwork cycle. If group stays in Forming and Storming stages for too long, then it’s not developing and can fall apart because of conflicts.

The person who supervises the teamwork should look at this process very closely and intrude any time it’s needed to get them on a right track. I hope that explains what is teamwork and how it can be formed.